How old are you?

I am 23 years old!

What are your pronouns?

I am fine with he/him or they/them!

What are you?

I’m an indie game developer, who is also a vtuber!


Yes! A vtuber! Aka a magical cat.

Why a vtuber?

I’m not a huge fan of showing my face on streams/videos a lot of the times, and while I can go my entire life without doing it, I do feel that we’re missing a major engagement point. So given that a lot of my main branding involves a cat, I went ahead and got a vtuber cat made! And plus, I really enjoy doing vtubing!

But why a cat?

I don’t really fit myself well with anime-like characters. I love them, but it’s not the sort of thing that I can slap onto myself. Also because I really love cats! :3

What do you program in?

I mostly program in GML via GameMaker/GMEdit. Though I do occassionally also do some Javascript/C#/C++/etc in either Notepad++ or VS Studio, depending on where my needs are at the time.

Where are you from?

Kangaroo Land🦘(Australia)

Do you have a Stream Schedule?

I do! At least every week I’m updating it here!

Any questions regarding FNAF Wallpaper (Click to expand)

This is a rather large FAQ section. So this may inquire some additional reading time.

Where do I get the Wallpaper?

You need to own Wallpaper Engine on Steam.
Once you own it, you can then subscribe to it on Steam.
If you are having trouble installing the wallpaper, please follow this guide.
If you can’t get the wallpaper from the workshop (for whatever reason) check the pins in #🦜│fnaf-wallpapers on my Discord server!

Can I use this with Lively Wallpaper?/Is it available for Lively?

While I’d be happy to support it, it’s got a couple bugs. (It crashes whenever I apply my own wallpaper so, not gonna support it.)
There is an ongoing issue on their Github for now. (See here https://github.com/rocksdanister/lively/issues/1048)
Update: The beta version of Lively has been tested as well and it still does not work.
Update: The devs seem to have not really bothered too much with

When is FNAF 2 coming? Is it out?

It’s being worked on slowly! Please hold on. It takes awhile for me to work through the wallpapers. (I have an irl job that pays my bills. The closest thing you can do to support me and give me more time atm is by subscribing to my ko-fi. https://ko-fi.com/TabularElf)
Due to many recent events, and the fact that I’m working multiple jobs to sustain myself, I can no longer work on any further wallpapers.

Can you do FNAF 3/4/5 etc?

Currently not planning on anything other than camera views only. Maybe in the future.

Can you win/lose?

There’s no winning or losing. It’s just a wallpaper. 🙂

Can you get jumpscared?

No jumpscares! 🙂

Can you add in jumpscares?

No, sorry. I do not plan on ever adding them. Unless you can convince me exactly how and why they’d be good for the wallpaper. That wouldn’t result in thousands of people throwing pitch forks at me.
(Really prefer if people can try to convince me with a good argument that isn’t “it’ll enhance the experience” or “so it’s more like FNAF” or “I wanna be scared”. You can buy the game if you need the experience.)

Can you add in the 1987 Easter Egg for the AI?

Please read above. Also the AI settings there are meant just for debugging for whenever I mess with an element of the wallpaper that affects an animatronic. They serve no real other purpose.

Can you add in the office?

The office isn’t a planned feature. It may come, but I don’t know as of right now.

Can you add X feature to the wallpaper? I have X question for the wallpaper?

Any and all requests/questions in regards to the wallpaper, should go under #🦜│fnaf-wallpapers on my Discord server. But bear in mind that I’m working on other things and I may not add it in for a long while.

Can you put the whole game as a wallpaper?

No. If you really want to play the game. Go buy it here.

Can you support MacOS/Chromebook/Linux/Phone/Etc?

Minus Android, there’s no current equivalent to Wallpaper Engine on those respective platforms. Especially ones that can handle webpages.
On Android there is Wallpaper Engine, but it doesn’t handle webpages. (Aka there’s no real way for me to support it anywhere.)
The wallpaper itself, since it’s a webpage, can at least be viewed via the browser.

Can you add in a usage on how many apps we have/audio listener for the power usage bar?

I can’t really gauge how many apps you have running, nor access the information necessary to go against your PC max memory. Due to it being a webpage.
Audio listener I have dabble into, but for some reason having an audio listener also breaks the settings for the wallpaper entirely. So might be better off as a separate wallpaper.

Can you add in keyboard shortcuts that do X thing?

Due to the way the wallpaper is made, it can’t do keyboard shortcuts at all.
If you’re thinking that I can because of the TikTok where I skipped nights, then you didn’t read the pinned comment.

How did you make this wallpaper?

I’m working on a video at the moment that’s a behind the scenes. Please be patient.